We’re Now Leasing Out Mobility Scooters

The cost of mobility scooters is high, and many of those who need them are on fixed incomes. They have little extra income for their medications and food let alone transportation costs. Mobility scooters help the elderly and disabled be able to function in normal society. It is heartbreaking to consider the disadvantages suffered by those who cannot afford them. While insurance will sometimes provide financial assistance for mobility scooters, there are some that will not, and the burden lies on the person in need. That is why we are now leasing out mobility scooters.

This means that for one, low, monthly payment, anyone can enjoy the comfort of a mobility scooter. Our leasing agreements allow people to upgrade into scooters with better comfort features, and they are not burdened with maintenance, worry of breakdown, or large down payments. We will bring the scooter to you, and it will be in up and running before we leave. We’ll also give lessons on the scooter’s use prior to leaving your home, as some of the updated models have many features and safety is a top priority for all users.

Upgrading your current scooter

You have many options to upgrade your current scooter with a leased, newer, more luxurious model depending on your insurance and current ownership status. We do accept trade-ins and will apply the trade-in value to your lease, or we also will work with insurance companies to make sure that they cover your base model costs, and your only part of the lease payment is for the extra features. Whatever your situation, we will work to make sure you have the best mobility scooter for the best cost.

Extra features

There are many types of scooters and many extra features available in mobility scooters. They include custom seats, windshields, lighting options, and entertainments features. Other features available include:

  • stereo
  • seat heat/cooling/massage
  • led auto-dimming lights
  • fan
  • windshield
  • mirrors
  • small compartments for personal items
  • hydraulics (for easing entry and exit)
  • extra-large seats
  • smart phone chargers/mounts

Basically, if a car could have the option, so can the mobility scooter. The sky is the limit when considering add-ons, and our custom shop can build practically anything.

Lease with us today!

Come in and ask us about our lease agreement or how wecould work with your insurance to get you covered for a premier mobility scooter. If you don’t have insurance, it’s no problem, and we give discounts for those who have to pay privately. We are a business, but our goal is to get those with limited mobility out into the world in comfort without spending everything they have.