Vulcan Scooter : Your Columbus, Ohio Mobility Resource

About Us & Our Philosophy

Vulcan Scooter was founded in 2008 by Tanner Barringer. Tanner grew up in a bike-enthusiast family, and whether it was motorcycles, road bikes, or scooters he knew how to ride and fix all of them. In 2004, Tanner suffered multiple broken bones from a motorcycle accident — including his shoulder and his left leg. This made mobility hard for him for a few months. Luckily, Tanner found a mobility scooter that helped his healing process out. He realized that he couldn’t have comfortably continued to live without this, and therefore he wanted to dedicate his life to helping others in their times of need. 

Vulcan scooter offers the best in mopeds and mobility scooters, and everything in between. If you are looking for wheels, parts, or a whole new vehicle, Vulcan Scooter of Columbus, Ohio is the place to begin. Our award-winning service not only brings your the most comfortable vehicles, but keeps you supported after your purchase.

Additionally, we want to make sure that you are receiving only the best products available. Even with our trusted brands, Tanner himself makes sure to test each product to ensure its quality. Products are tested for:

  • Comfort: including lumbar support, seat cushioning, and ease of mobility
  • Safety: we make sure that essential elements, such as the seats and the spedometer, are both working properly and are providing the best service possible.
  • Stability: for mobility scooters, especially, we make sure that models can get over all sorts of terrains. We know that you aren’t going to be using your scooter on flat surfaces, only!

What We Offer

If you think that we offer only two different types of products, think again! Our shop includes the following:

  • The latest in moped technology: including brands like Vespa, Honda, Yamaha, BMW, Evolve, and Genuine.
  • Moped parts: including wheels, speedometers, mirrors, and customized seat covers.
  • The best mobility scooter brands, including: Pride, Invacare, ShopRider, and Zip’r.
  • Mobility scooter parts: including wheels, seat covers, floor mats, and more.

Additionally, we offer deliver to the greater Columbus area. This delivery extends to mopeds, but is available at no extra cost for mobility scooter users. Once we deliver, we make sure that the product is to your liking, allowing you to test the seat comfort, the look and overall feel of the product. If you are unsure as to what you want, we also work with you to find a moped or scooter fit that is right for you. In addition, we have a 48-hour return policy that make it easy to get the type of scooter that you want.

To schedule a fitting, or to order a product today, please contact us. Thanks for your business!